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Wedding Investment

Expect a photo investment starting at $3,500. 

Looking for Photo + Video? Expect an investment starting at $5995.

Weddings are a big deal. In fact, a wedding might be the biggest event in your life. Trusting your photographer and loving their work is a huge deal. 

Great wedding photographers & videographers are talented at capturing candid moments while also capable in posing large family portrait groups. They not only take photo requests in the moment, but they realize those are the most important moments to YOU and your loved ones, so they make sure those requests get done, are well lit, and nobody is blinking! They love capturing kiddos and try to notice and capture the in-between moments. They are both a huge people person and enjoy rounding up the crowds for you to keep your stress levels at a minimum. Oh, they also highly enjoy working alongside you to design your itinerary (taking on a wedding coordinator-like role) and answering any and all questions that arise in the process. 

My approach and goal for your wedding photo + video is that I have you completely covered in the areas listed above. You can trust that your original image files & videos are backed up in 3 locations (physical memory cards, external hard drives, and online), artistically prepared & printed to last.

For photography, print and album options are available & a complimentary engagement session is included with EVERY package. I can't wait to meet you to see what kind of magic we can create for your day!

For video, you'll receive an amazing highlights video artistically prepared with the best moments of your day, a video of your entire ceremony, and a video of your entire toasts at the reception. You'll even receive a 1-2 minute engagement session video that is completely complimentary! 

There is way more to wedding photography booking than this! Be sure to contact early for more information about the ins and outs of photography on your wedding day and to lock in your date.

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