Investment: Photo Editing - Jackie Adelmann Photography

Photo Editing, Organizing & Staging Investment

Starting at $60.

Editing: Do you love taking photos but don't have the tools to edit? In my world, photographing is only half of the art. Editing takes photos to the next level. Sit with me and give input as we take a look at your photography together. Great for after vacations!

Organizing: Do you have what seems like endless boxes of 4x6 images in your closet that need a better home? Maybe you have digital files from the last 10 years that have all been thrown onto the computer in random folders. I'm here to help you through the process of organizing for a sustainable and lasting method of sorting your images.

Staging: If you're wanting help envisioning images from our session on your wall, I'd be happy to spend some time giving input on staging and planning your wall display. 

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