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Branding/Marketing Investment

Branding/Marketing content starting at $370 (includes your first 10 high res digital images).

Events starting at $295.

Marketing these days looks very different than it did a decade ago. Have you been incorporating new strategies to propel your marketing into today's society for reaching new clients?

Your website is the main pillar for your online business presence. Social media marketing has skyrocketed and continues to tweak algorithms to help businesses spread their messages. The best part? If you're consistent, your business can gain traction on these sites (and Google) for free!

Original content online can really help your business be seen by Google. When Google likes your content, they give you more exposure online for potential clients. Did you know that using stock images will not help your rankings on Google? That's where I come in.  

Branding has taken a huge turn. Where business used to place sales pitches and promotional calls to action on social media, they're now posting photos behind the scenes of their daily work. Why? To show work culture and personality. Consumers want to realize that you're human, not just a business. Businesses are concentrating on building a relationship with their audience so that when they place that call to action, that audience is more likely to accept.  

I offer behind the scenes sessions, product, event, office space highlight photography etc. I even offer quarterly & monthly sessions (highest value) for those who want to stay at the top of their client's minds and at the top of Google search results.

I could talk about marketing photography all day!  It's time to look professional online by making these photos work FOR you.

You may be just looking for a simple headshot or staff portrait. If so, check out the investment link below.

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