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About Jackie

My name is Jackie Adelmann and I am from St. Louis Park. I graduated in May of 2015 with a bachelor of arts degree in Business Administration and Spanish, although in my free time I could be found taking hands on art classes including courses in photography, Adobe software, 2D design and graphic design. I have been photographing since I received my first camera as a child. I have a strong passion for photographing all types of situations.

Personally, my favorite aspect of photography is that it can act as a journal of sorts. Documenting everyday happenings allows me to tell stories through photos to help preserve delicate memories.

Professionally, photography allows for the transfer of a thought, feeling, or emotion. The reaction elicited by the viewer allows for successful marketing and branding for a business. Every company can benefit from photography services. When a visual piece excites a potential partner or client, your business will not be forgotten. My focus on quality photographs that fulfill a purpose allow for successful outcomes and provide beautiful results. 

I am comfortable taking all sorts of photographs: candid, portraits, night, sports, landscape, product, property and more. I am confident but also eager to learn and grow with every new experience. Please visit my contact page for service inquiries or just to say hi!

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