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Graduating Class of 2018 Session Offerings

Hey! Congratulations on making it to your senior year of high school!  I remember when I was a high school senior, trying to figure out what to do about senior photos since I was always the photographer and never the one being photographed!  I'm still the same way.  I'll always be more comfortable behind the camera, capturing other people, than I am with other people taking photos of me!

That being said, I would love to be behind the camera to help you capture this milestone in your life.  Seriously, you should be proud of how far you've come and excited about what possibilities lie in your future.  You deserve a fun photo session to celebrate you and all of your accomplishments and I can't wait to meet you to do just that!

This year, I am excited to introduce a new type of senior session called the Group Senior Session!  I'm willing to bet that if you could have your senior photos done, be able to witness your friends getting theirs done, have a ton of group/buddy images along the way, AND save some money, you'd be ecstatic.  I know I would have jumped at the opportunity when I was a senior!  Well, this is your chance! Details for all senior sessions below this set of images, so keep scrolling!

Below are some high school senior images to browse. Recognize anyone? Feel free to click to enlarge and see the full image!

Petite Package


1 Consultation 

1 Hour Solo Session

1 Proofing Gallery

10 Edited Digital Images

1 Mobile App!

Popular Package


1 Consultation 

1.5 Hour Solo Session

1 Proofing Gallery

15 Edited Digital Images

1 Mobile App!

Premium Package


1 Consultation

2 Hour Solo Session

1 Proofing Gallery

20 Edited Digital Images

1 Mobile App!

Options to purchase prints, wall mounts and keepsakes including

albums, mugs etc. are always available starting at $5.

Group Senior Session:

2 People: $225 each

3 People: $205 each

4 People: $185 each

5 People: $165 each

6 People: $145 each

(With 6 people, you are saving a minimum of $100 EACH!)

1 Consultation

45 minutes per individual

(5 people would yield a 3.75 hr session)

1 Proofing Gallery per Individual

10 Fully Edited Digital Images per Individual

($20 for each additional fully edited image)

All Group/Buddy Images Edited Lightly

1 Mobile App per Individual!

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