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Hello to Mark's family.

I'm so sad to hear of the news of our dear friend Mark Comstock. I, like Mark, am a member of BNI Connections networking group based out of Bloomington, MN. I was fortunate to photograph his most recent headshots in 2019 and then in fall of 2020 we filmed his first brand video! I wanted to make sure you have access to these files as you prepare arrangements for photo and video collections of his life. I also added just a few other photos of our BNI group and events over the last couple years we've had the privilege to know Mark.

If you find you need help organizing a slideshow in remembrance of Mark, I've added a video editing service in the last year and I would be happy to assist you in that process. 

Please go ahead and download the photos & videos below. You can download the entire gallery at once while in thumbnail mode by clicking the download icon (arrow pointing down).

Thank you and enjoy! Mark will be greatly missed in our BNI chapter!

-Jackie Adelmann

Focus on today.

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