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Thoughts While Starting a Business

December 5th, 2015

Thoughts while starting a business; here goes nothing:

Sounds like the best idea I've ever had!

Sounds like a terrible idea!

I need to write a business plan!

I need to write contracts!

I need to have someone review my contracts!

I need to charge tax!

I need to keep track of expenses!

I need to keep track of mileage!

I need a better computer!

I need more software!

I need back up hard drives!

I need a fire proof safe!

I need a domain name! (Obviously I wrote this post before I owned my own website. Check this one off my list!)

I need to start blogging! (This one too!)

I need to get out of the house!

I need coffee! Cheapest office space out there :)

I need to have a reliable printing company!

I need a business bank account!

I need to go to networking meetings!

I need clients!

I need to team up with local businesses!

I need to have conversations about industry trends!

I need to meet local photographers and collaborate with them!

I need to set this aside and go eat a late lunch!

I need to stay busy during the slow season!

I need to come up with some good discounts for the slow season!

I need a part time job on the side!

I need liability insurance!  One day I'll need my own health insurance!

I need some consistent clients!

I need correct accounting records!

I need referrals!

I need to only go on social media to post for my business!

I need a better way to avoid falling into the time trap that is social media!

I need a cookie!

I need to get away for the weekend!

I need to separate work and life even though I work from home!

I need to expand my studio prop offerings!

I need to brush my teeth!

I need to keep in touch with college/study abroad classmates!

I need to go grocery shopping! I need to fill my car with gas!

I need to see the sunlight today (okay, maybe a little over dramatic).

I need to push for weekend shoots!

I need to make a budget and stick to it!

I need to create 30-60-90 day goals and fulfill them all!

I need to remember why I'm risking my mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing to embark on this crazy endeavor. Oh yeah, it's what I love to do. The end.

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